Event Management System

Applicable Areas

  • VIP events
  • Live concerts
  • Lucky draw
  • Expo registration
  • Online ticketing
  • Festival registration
  • One day sale
  • Trade shows
  • Business dinners
  • Conferences
  • Theme parties

Nubes Event Management System [NEMS] is a self-hosted ticket selling and event management platform.
NEMS has a wide array of features aimed at making organizing events as effortless as possible.
Whether you're issuing a refund or emailing your attendees, NEMS allows you to manage every aspect of your event from one location.


  • Create event related posters, social sharing options to your event pages.
  • Works on any sized device, so you can easily manage your events on the go.
  • Unlimited number of organizers, who can create and manage their own events.
  • Can be embedded into any existing website provided the minimum requirements are met with respect to the infrastructure.
  • Edit, delete, e-mail, search, print or export are all possible with effective attendee management tools.
  • A straightforward and well-designed checkout process. Users will have their tickets in just a few clicks.
  • Confirmation email with QR-Code will be sent to the attendee after successful purchase.
  • Android app to confirm verification of QR-Code when the attendee produces the ticket while attending the event.
  • Export your data quickly and easily to all popular formats.
  • View real-time information about sales and registration numbers in the form of beautiful charts and graphs.
  • Put your brand first by having your logo on all emails, event pages and tickets.
  • Whether emailing all attendees or attendees with a particular ticket, can be done at ease.
  • You can easily add as many users/organizers to your account as you like.