Process Automation

At Nubes we work closely with our clients to create automation solution to long heeding processes that are painful to follow on a day to day basis. Process automation solution will address all need to digitize or speedup current process followed in any means by any industry/organization, under any sector with utmost precision with accuracy in the data being gathered and flexibility in analyzing the data reported.

Process automation solution in most cases may demand for use of devices or hardware that would be made interoperable with multiple entities across the solution. We specialize in architecting this to the latest trend and technologies. Our choice of open source technologies relieves our clients of heavy cost to budget for this solution.

  • Possible process automation areas.
  • Intra industry/organization pay-as-you-go.
  • Visitor entry management.
  • Restricted area access management.
  • Supply chain related activities.
  • Catering order estimations.
  • Token systems.
  • Parking management.
  • Cash or kind collection system.